Oakland – Child Slavery Capital of US

Anderson Cooper’s 360 Blog on CNN has a disturbing report on the rampant amount of sex trafficking in Oakland.   He missed big disturbing part of the story.  The former mayor subsequently became state attorney journal and was just elected the new state governor.

So much for his track record of law and order.

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What a Tea Party Senator looks like

I wish we had more members of congress and the state legislature with this kind of mindset for reducing the burden of big government in our lives.  This writeup in the New York Times is a good read.

Mike Lee – New Radical Constitutionalist Senator from Utah.   In case you hadn’t heard of him.  He defeated a three-term establishment incumbent in the Republican Primary with Tea Party support.

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Faith of our Teenagers

A new book is out exploring the subject of American Teenagers and their faith in God.  The results may be disappointing.  The full article is here.

Does your church hold organized daily scripture study for your high schoolers?

Some churches do, others don’t.  Which is best?

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